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Think Higher Caregiving takes pride on having an extremely wide range of high-quality cannabis concentrates. We, at Think Higher, produce all concentrate products in-house, which allows our team to truly cater to all patient’s needs.

Having been in the Montana medical cannabis program over 10 years has allowed critiquing of all products in order to better serve the many different types of patients. Concentrates are Team Think Higher’s passion and why we will continue keeping up with the fast-changing concentrate scene. We will always push to have one of the widest selections of concentrates in Montana!

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Concentrate Overview

Dry Crumble Cannabis Concentrate Produced By Think Higher Bozeman MT

Dry Crumble Cannabis Concentrate Produced By Think Higher

Think Higher knows that understanding all the different types cannabis concentrates can be get pretty overwhelming. That is why we have put together this easy to navigate overview to help!

The Different Cannabis Concentrate Types

Shatter -A popular, stable form of refined cannabinoids, normally resembling glass, due to the tight and orderly structure of molecules. Easy to handle without to much mess. Almost all shatter is BHO (Butane Hash Oil) or PHO (Propane Hash Oil), but not all BHO/PHO is shatter.

Crumble – Commonly a dry form of refined cannabinoids that remains brittle and user friendly.

Butter/Wax – A creamy, buttery type consistency of refined cannabinoids. Comparable to a soft wax, butter/wax normally does not have the visually appeal that other cannabis concentrates have.

Sap – A viscous, sticky, yet soft consistency of refined cannabinoids, comparable to oil. Sap can be on the harder side to work with, but on the other hand, normally always remains a high quality visual appeal.

Snap & Pull – Snap & Pull is a common term to describe a product which has the stability in between shatter and sap. Temperature and force can cause it to stretch and become harder to deal with for a new cannabis concentrate user, however very manageable. . Visually appealing and tasty, both come out in force.


Live Resin Cannabis Concentrate Produced By Think Higher

Special Concentrates 

Live Resin – Term used to describe more of the process of production than the final product. Normally, produced by processing fresh harvested, frozen cannabis. The moisture content present in the ‘live’ material results in the extraction of a slightly different terpene profile than the opposite of a cured/dried material extraction. At the same time by running live less fats and lipids end in the final product, normally resulting in a higher terpene percentage.

Diamonds (THCA) -Coined to describe crystalline structures of THCA.  Ranging in size and shape, THCA normally has an extremely attractive visual appeal similar to diamonds. The terpenes are separated out during the process of formation, which is the reason why THCA contains minimal terpenes.

Sauce – Sauce is a mixture of terpenes and THCA diamonds which were separated & purged, then reintroduced back together.  Sauce is a watery type layer, containing rock like diamonds of THCA swimming in the watery terp layer. Extremely tasty and always visually stunning.

Distillate -Distillate is a golden, vicious type material similar to honey. During the production process, terpenes and fats are removed, because of this, distillate is the base perfect of edibles, cartridges, topical’s and more!

THC Distillate Vape Cartridge Produced By Think Higher

Distillate Vape Cartridges – Think Higher fills all our THC Vape Cartridges at with distillate. The distillate allows a clean slate in order to build a terpene profile that has specific effects. Distillate vape cartridges are low key while being very convenient and proven to be an effective way to consume medical cannabis. The cartridge juice is built on three properties 1) THC Content 2) Taste 3) Bio-availability.


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