Bozeman Medical Marijuana Doctors

Think Higher Caregiving deals closely with three main Bozeman Medical Marijuana doctors. You will be dealt with in the most professional fashion with any Doctor we recommend. Doctor visits can fill quickly and sometimes it can be hard to find openings that fit your schedule. Here we provide you with all the information needed if you decide you’d like to make your appointment without our help.  View dates for potential appointments via our calendar, which contains dates for medical cannabis doctors who are listed below. Also, view necessary medical documents needed for your visit. Please visit our FAQ page or contact us if questions arise. We would be happy to help!

What To Bring To Your Doctors Visit

The following pieces of information are must bring:

  • Montana ID (Drivers License or MT Non-Drivers ID)
  • Any relevant medical information – This includes: medical records, prescription bottles, x-rays, MRI results, disability paperwork and any other type of medical record that you believe will help the doctor understand your condition(s).

A quick guide to obtaining your medical records