What are the qualifying conditions to get my medical card?

The debilitating conditions for which you can be recommended for marijuana include:

  • cancer, glaucoma, positive status for human immunodeficiency virus, or acquired immune deficiency syndrome when the condition or disease results in symptoms that seriously and adversely affect the patient’s health status;
  • cachexia or wasting syndrome;
  • severe chronic pain that is persistent pain of severe intensity that significantly interferes with daily activities as documented by the patient’s treating physician and by:
    • objective proof of the etiology of the pain, including relevant and necessary diagnostic tests that may include but are not limited to the results of an x-ray, computerized tomography scan, or magnetic resonance imaging; or
    • confirmation of that diagnosis from a second physician who is independent of the treating physician and who conducts a physical examination;
  • intractable nausea or vomiting;
  • epilepsy or an intractable seizure disorder;
  • multiple sclerosis;
  • Crohn’s disease;
  • painful peripheral neuropathy;
  • a central nervous system disorder resulting in chronic, painful spasticity or muscle spasms;
  • admittance into hospice care in accordance with rules adopted by the department; or
  • any other medical condition or treatment for a medical condition approved by the legislature.

How do I apply?


  • First and foremost, review the Montana Marijuana Program laws and rules at:  http://leg.mt.gov/bills/mca_toc/50_46_3.htm & http://www.mtrules.org/BookView/Default.asp?chpt=37%2E107
  • The easiest way is to contact us and we can walk you through every step! Follow patient 101 for a quick low down. We will inform you of all paperwork needed. We then will set up your doctor’s appointment. Once completed return doctor recommendation to our dispensary or upload them on the Patient Verification page, then proceed to Complia. If you’d rather have a helping hand with the process, swing into our dispensary at any time and we can help you complete all Complia registrations and State applications.

Where can I get more information on the Montana Medical Marijuana Program (MMP)?

All Montana DPHHS MMP information can be view at https://dphhs.mt.gov/marijuana .

What forms do I need when I visit my doctor?

Please bring your Montana ID as well as any relevant medical information to your appointment. This includes medical records, prescription bottles, x-rays, MRI results, disability paperwork and any other type of medical record that you have available that will help us to understand your condition(s).

Below is a link to a walkthrough in obtaining your medical records.


Can I still get in trouble at work for using MMJ even if I am a legal cardholder?

YES. Employers are NOT required to allow their employees to use MMJ. We suggest you speak to your employer and address the issue long before it becomes a problem. Some employers do make exceptions for patients, but they must know that you are a patient beforehand.

Can I take my medicine out of the state of Montana?

There is no protection from prosecution once a patient leaves the state of Montana with MMJ. A patient is subject to the laws of whichever state they are in. No state provides protection from federal prosecution, including Montana, at any time, in any way.

Can I drive are using my medicine?

NO. NO. NO. Do not drive after using MMJ. It is against the law to drive under the influence of ANY intoxicants! You can be prosecuted for DUI if you are caught driving under the influence, PLEASE do not do it!

Where can and should I use my medicine?

It is against the law to smoke or use medical cannabis in public, or in the presence of a minor (under 18). We strongly suggest you use your medical cannabis at home, or in a private, safe area where you will not be required to drive afterward. It is against the law to drive under the influence of ANY intoxicants.

What is Complia?

Complia is the official web portal for the Montana Medical Marijuana Program. Industry stakeholders (a.k.a Providers) will utilize Complia to manage the application process for patient, employee, and business license applications. Complia allows users to update their previously submitted and approved applications as well as renew expiring registrations. Patients and employees will also order replacement cards through Complia.

How much does my application cost?

The total cost to renew your card is roughly $180.

You are required to pay the fee for your doctor’s visit. Most doctors charge around $150 for a cannabis recommendation. Once you have received your recommendation, you will be required to pay a $30 fee during the Complia submission.

State laws, unfortunately, restrict Montana providers from providing reimbursement for any doctor or submission fees.

What Information Do I Need To Apply?

Registered Cardholder Application Requirements

All registered cardholder applicants apply online via Complia’s Industry Portal.
The following is required when submitting an application for a registered cardholder or minor cardholder:
  • Photo of registered cardholder applicant
  • The photo must be SQUARE and properly oriented. Sideways or rectangular photos will be rejected. Please contact METRC Support if you need help rotating/cropping a photo. Photo must be a clear, color photo of the patient’s unobscured face taken within the last six months to reflect the patient’s current appearance with a plain white or off-white background. The patient must be directly facing the camera, have a neutral facial expression or natural smile with both eyes open, no sunglasses, and hats removed. The photo should be from the shoulders up. Generally, the photo should look like a driver’s license or passport photo. The file may not be digitally enhanced or altered in a way that changes the patient’s appearance. Photos that do not adhere to these requirements will be rejected.
  • Copy of MT Driver’s License, MT State ID, Tribal ID, or Passport. If submitting a passport, include a proof of residency document. Acceptable proof of residency documents include a utility bill or lease agreement. Contact the department for additional guidance.
    • For minor cardholder applicants, a copy of MT DL, MT State ID, Tribal ID, or Passport of legal guardian
  • Signed Physician Statement for a Debilitating Medical Condition
  • Name and address of provider
    • For minor cardholder applicants where a legal guardian is acting as provider, the legal guardian must register as a provider.
    • For minor cardholder applicants, proof of legal guardianship. Acceptable documents include birth certificate or court approved document Please contact the Montana Medical Marijuana Program for additional guidance.

Where can I get my medicine once I have my card?

Think Higher Caregiving makes it easy for you to access your meds. Either give a quick call to set up a delivery or pop in our location in Four Corners, or preorder online!

Whats unique about Think Higher Caregiving?

We are small atmosphere dispensary that is able to offer a more personal touch. At the end of the day, It’s your medicine, we work with you to find specific products that will help your specific issues. We will always have a range of choices to ensure we have something for each individual patient. Our highly knowledgable staff will be able to direct, help, and will always strive to provide top-notch customer services.

Is Think Higher Caregiving medical cannabis safe?

We take quality control and set our standards extremely high. We believe in a sealed room design so absolute no outside particulars will dirty our growing environment. With our state of the art design, we are able to have a very tight control and strict range of environmental variables.

We follow a strict policy of following MT banned pesticides. By following a strict regiment of organic insecticides we are happy to say you will never have dangerous pesticides in your cannabis.